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Tahoe Nugget #65:

Easter Snowstorm 2006 (Photo essay)
April 17, 2006

Big snow storm this Easter Sunday. Four feet (44 inches) of snow in the high country, in less than 48 hours. Two to three feet fell around Lake Tahoe. Interstate 80 was a parking lot during the height of the storm Sunday evening. I got a taste of dealing with on-going traffic congestion on my way back from Sacramento on Monday.

The National Weather Service forecast was right on target with this storm. Only miscalculation was with total accumulation. They underestimated the storm's snow production by a foot or so — NWS predicted 34 inches total above 7,000 feet with about a foot expected at lake level. I'm not complaining. I like it when we get more snow than predicted — I'm usually disappointed when we get less. Remember, my motto is "Low pressure gets me high."

Photo #1: Massive traffic jam on I-80 eastbound into the Sierra on April 17, day after Easter snow storm.
Photo #2: Shoveling snow is a full time job, even in April, when you live near Donner Pass.
Photo #3: Check out the snow berm at Boreal ski area. The resort has closed for the season, not for lack of snow obviously, but lack of interest.
Photo #4: The people who live above 7,000 feet can't wait for spring.

Nugget #65 A I 80 traffic eastbound to Sierra

Nugget #65 B Plowed driveway Summit area ID


Nugget #65 C 4-17-06 Snow berm at Boreal ski resort ID

Nugget #65 D April 17, 2006 House on Donner Summit

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