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Tahoe Nugget #212:

Summer Shredding at Boreal
July 24, 2011

For the second year in a row, Boreal Mountain Resort near Donner Pass has opened near the end of July for their Summer Shred event. The resort fired up the Castle Peak chairlift to help hundreds of snowboarders and skiers grab some bragging rights for a rare day of mid-summer skiing. Boreal reported that the resort received more than 800 inches of snow last winter.

Nugget #212 Boreal  Sign_edited-1
Boreal Mountain Resort offering chairlift service on July 23, 2011.

The calendar says that it is mid-summer, but other metrics suggest hydrologic conditions more like May. Stream flows from our regional watersheds are still running high, a direct result of the heavy winter and cool, damp spring weather that delayed snowmelt this year.

Nugget #212 Boreal Layout
Groomed run at Boreal Mountain Resort.  

Lake Tahoe's water surface elevation continues to rise and as July 19 was at 6,228.36 feet. That represents about 88 percent possible storage capacity for Big Blue and the highest level since 2006. This year will also be the first to have carryover storage in Lake Tahoe since 2006, a winter that had even more rain and snow than 2011.

Nugget #212 Boreal Boarder  Jumping
Catching air with Castle Peak in the background.  

The ramifications from last winter's epic snowstorms continue to impact the region in a myriad of ways. So enjoy the summer weather and healthy water conditions that bless our environment this year. Statistically, another drought is always right around the corner.

Nugget #212 Summit  Activities
There's always a lot to do near the Boreal/Donner Pass area just off Interstate 80.

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