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Tahoe Nugget #134

Tahoe Snowshoe Tour
March 16, 2008

Last weekend, my cousin Audrey along with friends Anne and Keith, arrived from San Diego for a few days of fun and sun here at Lake Tahoe. The highlight of the trip was our snowshoe tour at the Tahoe Meadows overlooking the lake.

The meadows are located at about 8,900 feet in elevation. A short climb to a nearby ridge provides great views of Lake Tahoe nearly 3,000 feet below. Some people call it Chickadee Ridge because the area is populated with finches that have become accustomed to eating from the hands of cross country skiers and snowshoers. We brought some bird food with us and had a fun time feeding the finches. It's a wonderful tour and over the past decade has become extremely popular as the sport of snowshoeing has grown rapidly.

Photo #1: Spectacular view of Lake Tahoe from Mt. Rose overlook. Photo courtesy of Keith Herman.
Photo #2: Anne, Audrey and Keith. Keith earned the moniker "cardiac" after he tried doing sprints on snowshoes at 9,000 feet. 
Photo #3: Yours truly bonding with a finch. Photo courtesy of Keith Herman.
Photo #4: Audrey contemplating Tahoe wildlife.
Photo #5: Anne really enjoyed her encounters with the finches.
Photo #6: Tahoe Snowfest is held every year in early March. Promoted as a "Mountain Mardi Gras," there are lots of activities like ice sculpturing, parades, and dog pull competitions.

Nugget #134 A Tahoe fisheye view02

Nugget #134 B Snowshoeing Party02

Nugget #134 C Bird in the hand Mic

Nugget #134 D Audrey Bird in Hand

Nugget #134 E Anne Bird in Hand

Nugget #134 F Snow dragon Snowfest

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